I’m Lily Hii

And I have a confession to make: I love numbers and I love being able to help people just like you! Technically I’m a Bookkeeper, but that sounds boring. ‘Bookkeeper’ is a word that never seems to capture just who I am and what I do, so let me introduce you to Lily.

For me, the numbers of any business – and let’s face it, the numbers are everything in business – tell a story of the company. I love learning the story and sharing it with the person it belongs to. Together, we can write the next chapter, and make sure the story has the ending that we both want.

I first learnt to love the numbers when studying mathematics at university and have spent the past fifteen years working as an accountant and bookkeeper for various firms and companies in Sydney. My professional experiences equipped me with all the skills I need to be great at what I do, but those years of work never managed to satisfy my need for a personal connection – I missed sharing in the story with the people who really care.

And so I decided to change everything and follow my heart! The result? Bookkeeping by Lily; my very own bookkeeping business. I now work with people with passion, with entrepreneurs who are chasing their dreams and have the creativity to make their products sing but not the know-how to read and write the story of the figures. Does that sound like you? Will you let me carry the burden of the ‘books’ and allow you to fly higher?

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My purpose and mission is simple. To help business owners navigate through the unknown

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It’s a lot to ask any entrepreneur to share their secrets, so let me offer you a little more of myself before you entrust me with the story of your business: I was born in Malaysia but moved to Sydney in 1997 for school, then university, and finally work and a beautiful family!

Away from Lily the Bookkeeper is Lily the Mum – I have two gorgeous children aged 10 and 7 and a patient husband who works in a Superfund company.  As a foursome, we love nothing more than to escape to the park, tree/rock climbing, cycling and the beach, cook together in the kitchen and explore new food, visit the relatives and cousins and travel the world.  You can say that we are a very ambitious and adventurous family!  My daughter being a national competitive gymnast & a super soccer star at the local soccer club, you wouldn’t imagine it to be any less of.

How about Lily the Woman? I wouldn’t say myself as a social butterfly but I love to meet my friends and families for lunch or dinner. I adore dogs, having to lose two of my dearest dogs, I didn’t imagine that I would get another one.  Milo, the Spoodle was welcomed into the family 2 years ago!  I am also re-immerse myself into more self discovery and learning more about myself everyday!

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Lily the Bookkeeper is just as patient and passionate, but comes equipped with a determination to succeed at all costs. When it comes to business, I believe nothing is impossible. I don’t have clients – I make friends and work as a team. I don’t offer a service, I  implement a solution to matters and channel everything I have towards making the numbers tell the right story. Your dreams become mine, and I take over the ‘numbers’ so you are free to do what you do best!

3 years ago, my husband decided to pack up our bags and move to Melbourne, the most liveable city in the world! How can I resist, right?? So given only 1 month notice, Lily the “Superwoman” had to organise everything, eg. look for removals, rent our gorgeous Sydney house, find new schools, new house and basically new everything. Finally, we arrived and settled. It has only been 3 years here and we are in love with this city, but the weather!

And that’s me! I’d be honoured if you would like me to share your dreams. My skills and knowledge are here for you if you give me a chance to help.