Money decisions are a big part of our lives, 

no matter where you are or where you came from. 

Your values, beliefs and other factors are heavily influenced 

by the decisions that can help you plan your future of finance.   


What is Your Money Identity?

Answer this questions to get you started: 

  1. When you think about money, what comes out of your mind? (Eg. What my parents told you)
  2. Do you spend time thinking about your financial goals?
  3. Do you make decisions about credit cards and bank accounts only if your parents or someone else approve?
  4. Have you ever questioned your views around savings and spendings?

Your Money Blocks have

nothing to do with your money

Money block come from within! It might come
from your background, your cultures, your beliefs,
​your up-bringing and your experiences with it!


IMAGINE THIS  –>>  You’re up early, done your morning rituals, sitting at your favourite spot with a cup of coffee/chai latte and extremely grateful that your life is full of joy because you get to serve your dream clients and have a job that you love. 
But……. there’s that one thing many business owners struggle, MONEY!!

Some of the common things that many business owners say: 

  • Worry about paying bills
  • Want to hire someone to free up time, but cannot afford it?
  • Not sure if the business is making profit
  • Not paying yourself a wage – this is a big one!
  • No TIME


Does any of the above resonate with you?

Whatever situation you are in RIGHT NOW, if you are serious about creating a legacy, then it’s NOT the time to NEGLECT your Money Believes!

That is WHY I have created this FREE Pathway to Wealth Training for you.